2023 Podcasts

All podcasts from January 2019 to the present, show descriptions, and supporting materials, are available at KSFR.org on the Garden Journal podcast page.


Jan 7, 2023 Slow Food Santa Fe Outloud edition. Hosts Lissa Johnson and Nina Rosenberg interview Pam Roy, Director, Farm to Table and Coordinator of the New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council about food and farming issues facing the 2023 NM legislative session. 

Jan. 14, 2023 Santa Fe Extension Master Gardener Edition. Guest Indra Singh on the Farmers’ Rebellion in India as well as food sovereignty global corporate food systems. Indra Shekhar Singh, is an independent agri-policy analyst from India and who is visiting the US on a lecture tour to raise awareness of the farmers’ revolution in India and global agrarian movements.  Indra Shekhar Singh is an independent agri-policy analyst, writer and Host/Creator of the Wire’s agri-talk show Krishi ki Baat/ Farm Talks. He also served as director for policy and outreach for the National Seed Association of India. Apart from contributing to various national and international media organisations, Indra has travelled over hundreds of villages across India working with farmers on regenerative agriculture & seed sovereignty. He has delivered over 200 lectures on agro-ecology, environment and agrarian politics globally. These include invitations by the International Labour Organisation, universities, international seed and farmers’ forums, etc. He has published over 500 articles on environment, agriculture and politics for various media platforms like Civileats, The Wire, Firstpost, etc and often invited for various news debates on agrarian issues. Indra in his early twenties was mentored by Dr Vandana Shiva and worked as the campaign manager and media spokesperson for Navdanya. He continues to save seeds and is also an urban food-gardener.  

Jan 21, 2023 Soil Stories with Carrie Core, in partnership with New Mexico Healthy Soils Working Group.

Jan 28, 2023 Giant Veggie Gardener edition, with Jannine Cabossel, The Tomato Lady. Tips and techniques for the coming month and time-proven strategies for vegetable gardening in Santa Fe County to help you have your very best vegetable garden ever. Jannine blogs at https://giantveggiegardener.com.


Feb 4, 2023 Slow Food Santa Fe Outloud edition. Hosts Lissa Johnson and Nina Rosenberg interview Feasting Wild author Gina Rae La Cerva about her food writing workshop, and Slow Food Santa Fe Executive Board Member Ellen Lampert about a Renesan Institute course she is teaching on food and legacy. 

February 11, 2023 Santa Fe Ext. Master Gardener edition. Guests Ashlee Wolf and Gwen Wion with Institute for Applied Ecology talk about their work to provide locally sourced seed from native grasses and forms to public and private land managers for restoration of damaged landscapes here in the southwest region.